Smok Pen – OVERVIEW OF The SOK Juice

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Smok Pen – OVERVIEW OF The SOK Juice

A SOK Pen is a very new and exciting digital camera that you can use together with your computer. It is a really small portable personal digital assistant (PDA), that is powered by the USB connection to your PC. It includes a lithium ion rechargeable battery. It has the latest version of the Windows operating system installed on it and also other software applications such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and many others. You can download each one of these programs on your SOK Pen and use them without any difficulty.

The SOK Juice includes a very handy self cleaning feature. This phenomenal feature helps you clean your SOK Pen and never have to use a cloth. It has a built in micro USB port that helps in charging the battery too. To use this amazing feature you merely need to take away the USB cap from the Juice and utilize the included USB cable to power up your SOK Pen.

The SOK Juice charges around two times faster than any other pen or PDA. It comes with a fantastic LED display with a battery life as high as 16 hours. The LED display is situated at the bottom of the pen and is a pleasure to use since it teaches you the percentage of charge in the battery life. That is important because if you intend to use the SOK Juice for longer you must make sure you get yourself a high percentage of charge in it.

There are two kinds of batteries found in the SOK Juice, the initial one being the blueberry type of battery. The second kind of battery may be the nickel metal hydride (NiMH). The SOK Juice comes with a powerful heating element and a wet heating coil. Heat element enables the pen to be utilized like a real pen. This is done by applying strain on the heat button while you hold the pen to your skin.

As far as build quality goes the SOK Juice is an average pen. It has a plastic shell that is smooth and contains some plastic pieces round the battery door. The body can be very well textured, gives it a nice non-slip grip. The grip is also very firm, which means you won’t have to worry about the SOK Juice shifting around in your hand or getting stuck in your pocket.

The SOK Juice has a very easy to Puff Bar Flavors utilize instructional booklet which covers the basic functions of the pen. In addition, it explains why the heating element is included and gives you a good visual of the way the SOK Juice works. The smok atomizer consists of two pieces, top of the and the lower cell. The upper cell houses the heating element gives the pen the blueberry style vapor and the low cell is where the NiMH battery is necessary.

When using your Smok Pen, you will have to make sure that the heating element is definitely at the top as it could cause the temperature of the pen to diminish causing the pen never to vapore. Always ensure that the battery is at the bottom of the pen when it’s powered on. After you have completed this step you need to switch the power off. If you do not follow this step incorrectly, you might find that the heating element continues to be near the top of the pen after powering it off.

The smok vaporizer really is an exceptional tool for all those that enjoy savoring. I am a huge fan of adoring but with that said, I’ve also found the SOK Juice to be an extremely efficient way of making my own e-liquid. There are various kinds of e-liquid out there and I was very happy with the various kinds of flavors that this pen can produce. To get the full flavor experience you should always take a little time to set up the e-liquid in to the pen.